Friday, 2 November 2012

More Friday

Blimey, had a call from a local newspaper, wanting a chat and asking for snaps of my drawings so I may well be in Southwark News next week. I hope the article isn't too awful as I probably waffled on and talked complete nonsense in my surprise at being contacted. Oh well. We shall see. I may have to go into hiding after next Thursday, but they do say that all publicity is good publicity. Dear me. Evon just rang to say Cathy had not turned up at her place and she couldn't get hold of her. Good thing I had not left home, though I was just about to. I shall wait until summoned. Hmmm. Seems Cathy fell asleep so they are going to be really late and we may not get a table since they can't book. I have been asked to wait here until they set off which seems a bit daft as I could leave and make sure of a table. Oh well. Well, the C10 bus is a bit of a nightmare in rush hour. However I managed to find the place in Maltby Street and get a table and the others arrived soon after. We had a great evening eating, drinking and chatting, fortunately got home early as I am drawing again tomorrow. A week tomorrow I am glad to see we will be drawing at the Imperial War Museum, so I shan't have far to go.
Evon is on the left. It's her last night in her forties, so I gave her a birthday card featuring my drawing of the stairs to Elephant & Castle bingo hall just to let her see her future. She thanked me and gave me rather a bitter little smile.

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