Saturday, 24 November 2012

Plodding On

and babysitting. Had a super dinner at Les Deux Salons with Madeleine, Nicos and Dorothy. The food really is good. And the service. And the atmosphere. Various people have popped in and had a look around, and some have actually bought drawings. Mark and Rade had a sketching session with me which helped to pass the time. Yesterday Romy came in and bought some things and Kaff purchased a drawing too, which was great. I am hoping Christophe and Victorine will fullfil their promise of helping me pack up tomorrow otherwise I will have to do it on Sunday. Madeleine is coming round on Sunday with relatives, and my lodger (presumably)will be back, as Nicos leaves early on Sunday morning. So I will be washing sheets and changing beds early on Sunday. Friday was a bit boring at the gallery at first, then some pensioners from the charity turned up, had a good look around and bought some cards. A couple more visitors wandered around, then Eileen, who is 'local' and apparently a kind reader of this blog, appeared, and purchased a drawing and some cards, which was very much appreciated. Then Julia from college, who I had not seen for ages, had a look around and bought some cards, so altogether the afternoon was considerably brighter than the morning. Today is the last day and I shall close at 4pm. Christophe and Victorine are in fact helping me, thank goodness. The main problem with that place is parking, so I shall endeavour to pack up and then assemble everything outside ready to go. Julia thinks that someone should publish books of my drawings.

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