Monday, 19 November 2012

Survived the opening!

largely due to the help of my sister, Nibby, who womanned the drinks and welcomed the guests. During the day we had about ten visitors, and around twenty or thirty altogether at the opening which wasn't too bad. I sold some work, always a good sign! Unused to this kind of thing I did become rather tense, so arrived home last night quite relieved that there had been no disasters. The gallery had not provided enough hooks, so Nibby went out and found some little removable fixer things for one section which was excellent. There was tons of stuff to bring back and we are left with a bit of a wine lake, which I had expected, but was glad to have too much rather than too little. Nibby goes back to Macca today, and her exhibition opens tomorrow. I would love to have been there but have to babysit my things for the rest of the week. My good friends Christophe and Victorine are going to help me dismantle the exhibition on Saturday afternoon. I shall therefore have a bit of help, and they have a car, which will be useful. I now feel more relaxed, though there is a bit of a 'hot bed' situation chez moi: Nibby leaving this morning and Nicos arriving to stay tonight. Then Nicos leaving early on Sunday for my lodger to return and get ready for work on Monday. Dear me. We had a great time at Zedel, which I would recommend, on Sunday night, Wednesday we are going to Le Deux Salons, and out with Christophe and Victorine on Saturday night.

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