Sunday, 11 November 2012

Strange Diet

So odd, eating an unhealthy diet.I keep stopping myself from eating fruit and vegetables apart from the odd banana and peeled potato. I am definitely missing mushrooms which I love. Oh well, all in a good cause. Went to Imperial War Museum yesterday but could not get inspired so did this sketch of the Flowers of the Forest pub instead. Full of characters, could have done several sketches. A guy came up to me and said he had seen me sketching in the Good Intent a couple of weeks ago and they had all thought I was a copper's nark! Quite exciting at my age. On Saturday I sold a print to the landlord of the Prince of Wales. He also wants a print of the outside, which I will do at a later date. Quite good that people want to buy things. I may trot along to the musical thing at Brasserie Toulouse Lautrec tonight, or if not, to the last jam session tomorrow before my exhibition next week. Very nervous about this. Unbelievably, I found a door parked with the rubbish at the end of the street. I measured it (right size) and dragged it back home. A real effort getting it up the front steps and nearly fell over a couple of times. However it is now propped against my bedroom wall. All I need are some hinges and handles. It has handles which look a bit complicated so I may try and get them off. We shall see. At least it will save me some money which I can ill afford. Came back from collecting the papers and the whole house stank as I walked in. Seems my lodger had been cooking again without putting the extractor fan as I had requested on several occasions. The pong filled the whole place. I pointed this out to her and she protested that she had only been cooking vegetables. I said that the smell was quite awful as one came through the front door. I then switched the fan on to get rid of some of this, only to discover a couple of minutes later that she had opened the back door and switched the fan off again! She really will have to go. She says she does not like the noise from the extractor fan. Jeesus! Not that I am intolerant ratty old bag, you understand.

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