Sunday, 18 March 2012

battersea park drawing

Mother's Day with Dorothy in Denver. So I caught the 344 bus to Battersea Park and met a few others in the cafe, which is actually quite good, run by Italians. The weather was very cold, despite which the place was full of yummy mummies, their husbands, offspring and dogs all trying to pretend it was spring. Mind you there were some daffodils and a bit of blossom here and there. Did some notably unsuccessful sketches on the iPad but my fingers were freezing and I kept having to go back in for coffee, soup etc. We met at 1.30 and the more hardy people had been sketching the Temple thingy. Most of them then went off to a pub to draw each other (wish we had done that in the first place) and I sloped off home to thaw out.

Just made another orange cake and will cook the chicken tonight for Julian. Have already eaten too much today.

Now reading Cousin Betty. I am getting an insight into the decadence of Paris in the past.

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