Thursday, 8 March 2012

Lunch with Romy

Romy came to lunch. We had cold salmon and potato salad preceded by pea soup and followed by coffee and tiramisu. Long chat about stuff and good to see Romy again. I miss working with her.

Bad morning today spent trying to decipher all the masses of post from Endesa and Aigues de Barcelona regarding non payment of bills. I simply don't understand why they are failing to remove the money from my bank, not something they used to have a problem with. But not sure if I am currently being sued or what since both my Spanish and Catalan are non-existent. I really do need a reliable English speaking person in Barcelona to deal with these things. If I could only sell the flat I would not be bothered with these wretched bills. My blood pressure was probably at an all-time high before lunch and I have eaten non-stop since. Have tried for the second time to make honeycomb or cinder toffee, slightly more successfully this time. It does seem to depend on not stirring the pot and letting the mixture get so hot it just about avoids burning. Another achievement!

Ringing the locksmith have discovered that to mend the lock in the main front door will be £150. Will have to plunder the money from my savings intended to purchase a new boiler, which I have been warned to provide for by the maintenance engineer. Just what I need now no money is coming in. Trying to keep calm but it's not easy.

Nibby now arriving tomorrow.

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