Thursday, 15 March 2012

Makes You Sick

Nibby 'arting' at the Courtauld last week.

Today I received a letter from the hospital stating that since I missed my appointment on Friday they weren't going to send me another appointment because the clinic is a very busy one. So busy that they forgot to let me know of the appointment in the first place - I had been waiting months for this! To add injury to insult came a letter from my GP requesting to see me 'after my hospital appointment' as my cholesterol has leapt up to 7. I remember I had been eating rather a lot of cheese and creamy stuff for a while at the time the blood was taken and was a bit nervous about the cholesterol result. I shall resist statins, drink those horrid little anticholesterol drinks daily, give up cheese and eat more veg and possibly, almonds, which Nibby recommends. Then revisit the GP and ask for another test. Dear me.

Spoke to Dorothy who will not be present and correct on Mother's Day. Seems there's a week conferencing in Denver, followed by a weekend skiing in Colorado, ending up with a week in San Francisco. I hope it is all fun. Meanwhile I am re-reading Pere Goriot. I keep forgetting what a good writer Balzac is. Have read dozens of free books now, mostly Wilkie Collins and Mrs Gaskell with a bit of Trollope thrown in. There's plenty more Trollope to read yet, and masses more Balzac. May also revert to the Russians, we shall see.

Still rather perplexed about the Spanish bills. My Spanish has really deserted me and they are absolutely impossible to deal with anyway, and difficult enough even if you spend weeks in Spain and deal with them on the spot.

I may start my Meetups again soon as a displacement activity. Nibby is catching up with her sleep back in Macclesfield.

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