Thursday, 1 March 2012


What an effort! HOWEVER I have just been watching a programme on BBC2 which reveals that we burn up quite a few calories even just walking slowly and standing around, basically anything more than sitting. Seems we should not sit for more than an hour at a time, and that even slow strolling is beneficial.

EVEN if we are sitting or lying down, twiddling our thumbs, toes, moving arms or legs is a very good idea according to one expert.

The most amazing thing revealed by this programme though was that certain people (depending on their genetics) will benefit enormously by doing absolutely massive but short bursts of exercise (obviously only those passed as fit enough by the quack). Seems that the bursts of strenuous exercise should go on for 20 seconds only, have a short break, another 20 seconds, short break, and a third 20 seconds. Adding up to one minute, to be repeated three times a week. Apparently even with the wrong genetics, many people can benefit from some kind of release of glucose into the bloodstream caused by this, handy if you are a risk for diabetes. It has been tested and if beneficial for most, would be a great way of exercising.

But it seems that walking is the best of all to increase the metabolism and generally keep the body working well all round.

I may well move about a little more. A gentle stroll beckons.

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