Friday, 9 March 2012

Friday Today

Trying to forget about Spanish bills and post. Survival tactic.

Ate leftovers for lunch and dinner. I met Romy at Sensational where she purchased some really good things for her forthcoming holiday. She kindly offered to transport the Kookster to the vet for his annual jabs.

The locksmith came in the morning and told me he had never seen one of our locks broken and said it must have been forced. It must have been done by my upstairs neighbours as I just found it broken one day, and was surprised that they didn't mention it. Maybe it was one of their visitors. As I mentioned, even half of the repair cost is a bit of a financial blow. I may have to block up the letterbox, disconnect the phones and go and hide for a year or two. Barcelona beckons, but Kook is a bit of a liability here. I don't think he will be happy to be an indoor Spanish cat with no space or garden. Oh well.

Nibby arrives today. Must dash out and replenish food supplied before she gets here.

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