Saturday, 31 March 2012

War Museum

I was planning to draw musicians at the Festival Hall but received a call from a relative over from Dubai with her young son who wanted to visit the War Museum. So I cancelled my drawing date, and we had lunch in the garden before a visit to the museum. I had been advised to visit the holocaust section, which we did, and which was somewhat harrowing. We looked at other exhibits and decided that the place would warrant a full day for the future.

Dorothy due back from America today. Undecided whether to meet Dorothy at Heathrow, but maybe an unexpected meeting would not be good after a ten hour flight so, I may well go to the Hunterian museum and do some drawing which I missed yesterday.

Talking to Nibby about my recently enforced lack of bathing and substitution of washing, I had noticed an improvement in my skin. To my surprise she told me that our mother's GP had advised her in her older years that daily bathing removes too much skin oil and that she should wash only, and bath or shower once a week. This certainly has the ring of truth, and the added advantage of saving water. Hmmmm.

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