Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Tuesday Watercolours and Concert

Meetup at the Mall Galleries with Carpe Diem. There was a watercolour exhibition and two artists were doing demonstrations. Watercolour is quite beyond me. Some lively stuff there and had a coffee and bun. After that some of us went to the free lunchtime concert put on by the Royal College of Music at St. Martin's in the Fields. Amazing how much free stuff can be found in London. I sketched some of the audience, badly, and, not having heard any modern 'serious' music, was slightly bemused by it all. Seems that music these days is very experimental and more about actual sound. Reminded me a bit of Corny Cardew's music. Still, I write from a position of complete ignorance about these things. Afterwards had a fish pie upstairs in the Chandos. Got to chat with quite a few people who were very interesting, and some I met again. Tore myself away at around fourish to try and miss the rush hour on the bus. A good day.

Saw this statue of Yuri Gagarin just before going in to the Mall Gallery.

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