Friday, 23 March 2012

Quiet Times

Julian came around to give me precise instructions on changing light bulbs under the kitchen counters. Unbelievably fiddly.

Having been instructed last week to make boiled orange cake, and most of this having been devoured by Julian, I was further instructed to stop making cakes and to stop buying biscuits. Immediately after this I made a kind of roll by crushing ginger biscuits and dark chocolate, adding broken walnuts and maltesers, then melting a large bar of milk chocolate with a sliced Mars bar and stirring in, then chopping some marzipan and adding to the mix. Oh, and some golden syrup heated gently. This disgusting mass was poured onto some tinfoil, formed into a kind of sausage, rolled up tightly and refrigerated. When set, I sliced it with a huge knife and will pop the slices into bags to give away. Of course I ate a couple, surprisingly not too bad. Must tell Nibby.

The new spartan washing routine is a bit of a bore, but needs must.

Bargain haircut yesterday. My hair was driving me crazy, and I saw a little hairdresser: 'London Hair Fashions Unisex Hair Salon' next to Peacocks. As there was only one hairdresser just finishing someone's hairdo, I managed to get her to dry cut my hair. She did a good job, relieving me of excess hair, and only charged £15. Very handy. I may let her have a go when my hair needs colour, since West End prices are now beyond my purse. The number us 020 7703 4561 if anyone wants to give it a try.

After today, the Lye Torng is shut for ages as the owners are off to Thailand for a bit. I shall have to reinvestigate the never-open pub nearby and see if it has changed its opening times. Mind you, it has been so sunny lately that my mind is going rather towards future boat trips on the Thames.

My latest long term project is to clear out the house again. I came across some snaps of the kitchen when it had just been completed and it looked so good that I have decided I really must seriously declutter. Again. I have started with photographs and filled a whole suitcase. Now for the sketchbooks. I may well put everything I don't want in the spare bedroom and invite people to take anything they like, then after this to call the charity shop man for some boxes and to collect the rest. We shall see. My paperwork alone is a nightmare, but takes up less space than the rest. The bulk of the stuff is books, linen, clothes and 'ornamental' bits and pieces. I think.

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