Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sunday Footsie

Bright but chilly today. Nothing daunted I stepped out to the First Foot salon with my little Lithuanian pal, and after filling in forms to say we did not have any vile disease, cuts, and had not applied nail varnish or skin cream within 24 hours, our feet were washed and dangled in fish tanks. At first it was rather ticklish, but as we chatted it became very relaxing and we spent half an hour in the water before more rinsing and foot drying and application of creams. We were given free towelling slippers which was an added bonus. All this for £13.50 each so we added £1 to make a grand total for two of £28. Bargain, I thought. A pleasant way to spend some time on a Sunday. Pensioners go for £10 only on the third Monday of the month, probably cheaper than the chiropodist, but no good for those with diabetes apparently.

Made some more refrigerator sweeties, which I must give away before I am tempted.

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