Thursday, 22 March 2012

Disaster Strikes Again

Julian came around last night and kindly changed lots of bulbs in the kitchen. She was cleaning lots of pottery, mostly broken, in the garden to take to her studio to paint.

This morning, I ran a bath, but before getting in I went downstairs to draw the curtains. Suddenly I noticed what sounded like the constant drip of water hitting glass coming from the spare room. Went in to find several drips coming from the ceiling onto the lampshade and bedside table. Panic stations! I placed things to catch the drips and towels before rushing upstairs to remove the bath panel. I had placed a tin underneath the bath waste in the hope of hearing if another leak started. The tin was absolutely overflowing all over the floor. I had to remove the water with a sponge and let all the bathwater out before cleaning up the area and replacing the tin. It had obviously been dripping gently for some time as the water was absolutely foul. Wartime stripwashes will be the order of the day for some time now. I am (I hope only temporarily) somewhat financially embarrassed so can't afford to call the plumber. This is the third time the bath has leaked, the last two times from the plug underneath. Such a nightmare. I am now leaving it to dry out until my finances approve - by which time no doubt it will be Saharan. Oh well. These are the only times I wish I had a husband, since these are things he used to easily deal with.

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