Friday, 30 March 2012

Lunch in the Garden with Romy

An absolutely gorgeous hot summery day. We lunched on smoked salmon salad with new potatoes and crusty rolls and drank cool cava. Romy regaled me with tales of her fantastic visit to America and lots of snaps. It sounded absolutely fantastic - visiting Chicago, taking the train to the Grand Canyon, route 66 to Las Vegas and so on. Listening to this I was almost as green as my garden. She came bearing gifts as usual - some very witty party coasters and a nail file thingy.

I told her about the fish pedicure and we resolved to book one for next Thursday, so had better organise this today.

Tonight is the Gudrun Sjoden opening in Monmouth Street. Haven't been there for years. I used to sell things I made to a shop which is no longer there, and someone I know had a rather 'theatrical' cafe there in the sixties.

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