Monday, 5 March 2012

Central Heating

The engineer spent ages mucking around with the heating today and bled the radiators so it should get hotter. He drained the boiler thing which should make it a bit better but suggested I might like to start getting quotes for the inevitable as my boiler is about 14 years old, at the end of its normal life. Oh well.

Spent the rest of the day putting everything back in place. Oh, and making a soup out of the remains of the roast, adding cauliflower, beans, gravy, roast potatoes and bread sauce. Plus some chopped cauli leaves. Will also add some beans tonight. The bread sauce turns out to be a good ingredient, distinguished by a rather aromatic flavour of cloves which goes very well with everything else. May well start adding cloves to chicken casseroles. Also discovered that Tesco value vanilla soft scoop (it's not) ice cream is much lower in calories than all the rest including the so-called 'diet' ice creams. Handy.

Feeling a bit more perky today. Finished the Moonstone and starting on Man and Wife. Seems that Wilkie Collins took masses of laudanum (opium) all the time so when he describes this in his books it is from first hand knowledge.

Saw Julian briefly last night, who came to collect the hoover to clean up the studio. Barcelona is warm and sunny it seems, unlike London. I would probably go over there for a bit if I had someone to house and cat sit. Nibby is due to arrive on Thursday. Must have a word with Romy about lunch, which we were due to have on Thursday and the timing will all be out, so I am trying to see her now on Wednesday or tomorrow instead. I need to do some shopping for this, and am looking forward to it. Have decided I quite enjoy a little cooking at home.

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