Thursday, 17 May 2012

Freezer Horror

Met David for a coffee or two at Mamuska. He is going to read 'Queen Lucia' and is ploughing his way through some Trollope - 'The Prime Minister' which I have not read. Had a chat with Nibby in the morning, and later went to the Member's private view of the Queen exhibition at the NPG with Cathy, who kindly bought me a tea and bun later. It was quite a small exhibition, but quite good and we were fascinated by the 3D portraits. Here's a snap of Cathy looking at the Queen portrait. When I arrived home, all the milk and stuff in the fridge was frozen, without any obvious reason. However the separate freezer also needed defrosting so did this in a rash moment. However, when I had repacked it and turned it on again the beeper kept ringing nonstop. Since it was around 11pm the noise was very irritating so I rang Dorothy in desperation. Poor Dorothy was suffering from 'flu and trying to get to bed. Nevertheless I was advised to turn the fast freeze button on, which shut the damned thing up. I felt guilty disturbing poor Dorothy and hope for a quick recovery. Julian is due back from Barcelona today.

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