Sunday, 27 May 2012

Still Hot on Sunday

and not conducive to doing much after my efforts on Friday to Chelsea Flower Show and my Urban Sketch Crawl on Saturday. So I pottered around while awaiting my Ocado delivery - mainly cat food, but the one missing item was of course, the bag of ice, so I was forced to make some. My old friend David arrived and we chatted and looked at work we had done. David has progressed very well and mainly paints nudes. The colours are rather delicious and his modelling is very good. After a bit of time in the garden we went off to the NPG, and David kindly bought me a sandwich for lunch before we looked at the Lucien Freud, which was good to see. I have developed a rather rude way of walking in front of all the other viewers who spend so long standing in front of paintings. My excuse is that I am short so they should see over me. We popped in to the Queen exhibition for a quick look before returning home for tea. I hope we will meet again soon. Good to be back in touch with old friends. Dorothy and Julian popped around for a quick cuppa before Dorothy had to put some shelves together at home. Dorothy is going away for a week next Sunday. I have decided to purchase the ingredients for gazpacho today. I have been hooked on making French onion soup which is delicious, but gazpacho will be better in this weather. I shall use the old Elizabeth David recipe. Last night I got a bit carried away with James Oses' lovely felt tip drawings, and did a rather mouldy sketch of my window, which was quite fun, if as usual rather wonky. I would like to be able to draw a straight line. Or get proper perspective.Or draw good ellipses. Oh well. Anyway, here's the latest scribble:

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