Friday, 18 May 2012

Touch of Silver

In an attempt to tone down the ginger, I purchased two products. One from Superdrug called Colour Effects Cool Blonde which is aimed at toning down brassy blonde, and the other, a larger container of something called Touch of Silver, with violet pigment, ditto. Used the Cool Blonde last night and the Touch of Silver this morning. These have both toned down the ginger a bit, but I can use one or other twice a week and the effects are supposed to be cumulative. Easy to use but messy, involving a dark coloured towel, you just shampoo in and leave for five minutes before rinsing out. I was told my hair looked a bit lighter in colour today, but I can't see it. Phone call from David this morning inviting me to coffee again. We had a chat about 'old times' and he is delighted with Queen Lucia, so I shall give him my Folio set so he will have enough to read for ages. I think there are five or six volumes. Met my little Lithuanian friend for another coffee. She is worried that her boyfriend is not interested in sex but is interested in her. Lucky old her. However, she talked so much about sex to him that he was concerned about her and sent her a rather large dildo, which she brandished at me. Quite funny I thought. He obviously has a sense of humour. Lunch was soup again at Mamuska. Today I had Polish Sour soup. Seems to taste of sauerkraut, and has bits of potatoes and sausage in and is quite substantial and quite tasty. I may remain on the soup diet for a bit at £3 a time. Dorothy back at work today, not sure that was a good idea. I am becoming a bit bored with drawing fruit as you can see, and have taken to fiddling around with strips of painted paper. Tragic really.

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