Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Jam session at Toulouse-Lautrec

Alice wanted to see me again, so I decided to use a Groupon voucher and take her to the jam session on Monday. Alice had many woes, but recovered after a coffee and some cantuccini, put some slap on and we sallied forth. Mercifully the continuous rain had ceased while we walked to the Toulouse-Lautrec. Once installed we were given a mini bottle of champagne each, which helped us to get into a suitable mood for the night. The house band, with a couple of guest artistes, played very competently. We rather over-ordered on the food front with two boards, one laden with fish and seafood and the other with cheeses. So much for the diet. The place filled up, and excitement mounted by the time the jam session really got underway, around tennish. Several very good musicians got up and acquitted themselves well and we really enjoyed ourselves. I think Monday night is the best night at this venue, and we decided to go again and perhaps eat less and drink more. I arrived home at around 12.30 and more or less fell straight into bed. Rudely awoken at 1.30 by the Kookster, coming through the catflap with very strange noisy miaouling. Put the light on to discover him tormenting a baby mouse. Chased them all around the room but couldn't catch either. He picked up the poor little thing and I chased him downstairs where he disappeared outside again and I fell back into bed again. Such a swine, that cat. Woke me at around 6am, the bastard.

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