Sunday, 6 May 2012

Quiet Sunday

Very quiet day yesterday. For some reason my left hip was a nightmare and I could hardly walk, so a good thing I did not agree to join yesterday's walk. I managed to stagger to the Elephant & Castle and purchase a paper. Lunch at Mamuska - very good goulasch and a coffee after. Bumped into Louba who was having her nails done, and she regaled me with tales of her various love affairs, which all seem to end in disaster since she has an unerring instinct for picking promiscuous men. Nibby is coming today so I made up her bed yesterday. I had not been able to find a suitable mattress cover so put a duvet under the bottom sheet which I hope will make the bed softer and more comfortable. Watched The Voice and BG Talent and did a couple of desultory sketches before collapsing into bed. Spoke to Nibby who had had a very productive day as usual. I am shamefully lazy.

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