Saturday, 12 May 2012

Ginger Minger

Oh well. I may have to find a rat-coloured rinse to tone it all down a bit. Despite everything on the hair front, I forced myself to go out and meet David for a coffee or two at the Elephant. Then did a bit of shopping before a diet coke at the Lye Torng. Then off to the new Gelato place in Borough Market for a liquorice ice cream (quite nice) followed by a share of absolutely delicious coconut ice cream with Dorothy. This was lunch. To counteract this a bit, I walked very slowly home before changing rapidly, feeding the Kookster and setting forth for a Thai dinner at Thai Silk with Ken's group. I should not have purchased the cheap bacardi breezer which turned out to contain nearly 400 calories, had I known, but ignorance was bliss, and it was very refreshing. I met a very interesting Russian woman, Tatiana, who is living in London during term times and learning English while her daughter is at boarding school in Bath. Tatiana is very experienced on Thai matters. She used to work for a company who did a lot of business importing clothing from Thailand, and used to go to Bangkok every couple of months. She seems to have travelled extensively, and was wearing some rather gorgeous Greek earrings with multicoloured stones set in intricate gold filigree. Apparently she bought masses of semiprecious and precious stones in India, and had them set by her jeweller into huge earrings and other bits and pieces, but she says they are far too flamboyant to wear in London, apart from parties, but she can wear them in Moscow, where bling is the thing. I left quite early, as I was still a bit knackered from my earlier walk home. Caught the bus this time. Shall have a quiet day today, contemplating the enormity of the task I have taken on so foolishly. Hanging the exhibition will be hell. Dorothy has told me which printer I need to buy for my ipad, as I really need one now. I shall revisit IKEA soon and purchase frames in bulk to get stuff ready to exhibit. Shall also do some more sketching.

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