Thursday, 24 May 2012

Still Hot

So went the sleeveless way despite my enormous, drooping upper arms. I decided to be a bit hardcore and expose the bastards. Meeting Romy for lunch as arranged, so I decided to arrive very early and have some coffee and read my paper outside the tapas place. This was very pleasant in the hot sun, and I have definitely taken up a bit of colour on the arms and chest. My face is less noticeable, caked as it is in makeup. The night before I had tried the eyelash dye in order to economise on mascara, but this obviously needs a bit more technique, which I can use next time, i.e. putting the stuff on with an old mascara wand rather than the thin plastic thing provided with the kit. Romy pitched up, having survived the moving experience, and we enjoyed the odd glass of cava and tapas. On asking whether my presence on the punters holiday would be as a helper, or extra, I was rather surprised to hear that my successor has decided to lead from the front, and go with them . He was therefore taking less help than customarily. Also, Romy had not been sure whether I wanted to go on this holiday or the next one, since I had enjoyed the Wye valley so much. Although not entirely sorry not to go as things may be happening at home, the extra income would have been handy. I have cancelled the cat feeder which I had needed to book well in advance. Romy did kindly offer to ask if I could go as an extra, but I decided that my successor would feel uncomfortable if I were there. They are taking one good helper, but with two coachloads of people and two venues, I hope it will be enough. Time will tell. Below is a strange sketch, where I started with a crocheted granny blanket, then got caught up in scribbles.
I did some more desultory sketching in the evening of things around me, then Julian turned up with Yuki, down from Huddersfield where he lives with his wife and small children. He is taking part in some medical trials to help finance the family, which seems a bit dire to me. With very little English, he conveyed that he was not allowed anything but water until after the trial. Dear me. At least I could provide a comfortable bed while he is down here.

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