Friday, 18 May 2012

Thor's Day

Picked up a bit of shopping in Elephant & Castle. Excellent soup for lunch at Mamuska: described as cabbage soup, this was a clear soup with a little potato and bits of cabbage and sausage in it and plenty of flavour. Definitely home-made - I found a couple of juniper berries in it. Texted Dorothy who was ill in bed and in need of sustenance. Purchased some Lemsip and went to Borough Market for German bread, soup, and russet apples and eggs. Took these to Dorothy, then set off for M & S in London Bridge station for salad materials, more soup and some fruit. Quiet afternoon, and drew a bit more fruit - one pencil, one ink drawing, in the evening. I really enjoy the programme about reuniting family members, probably because of my own and Romy's experiences.

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