Saturday, 5 May 2012

Saturday Again

Bumped into David at Mamuska and he kindly bought me a coffee. We reminisced about our youth - particularly Paris, and I bored him with my tales of Devon. Later I shall see Alice here, and we will meet Evon and Kate tonight at the curry place, which should be good. Now reading Les Miserables, which for some reason I had not read before. Alice arrived half an hour early. We had a coffee and chatted. Met Evon and Kate at the restaurant and we had a drink or two before dinner. A good night. Alice disappeared to chat up a couple of men and we three dined together - Evon slightly pissed but very funny. Alice was trying to make people meet her on the Sunday walk from Canary Wharf but there were no takers, so she might meet up with other Ken people there.

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