Friday, 11 May 2012

IKEA Nightmare

I went to WAC to have a look at the gallery. Here's a few pics. Needless to say there was no one there to discuss things with, but someone did manage to collect my cheque deposit. Took a few snaps but I will need to actually speak to someone to ascertain precisely how the pictures are actually suspended, unaccustomed as I am to having exhibitions. I will obviously need to spend months screwing little hangers to the backs of pictures. Full of false confidence in my shopping abilities I set off for IKEA in Croydon. Arrived at Wimbledon without incident, but was dying to go to the loo, only to discover the loos were out of action so spent ages in a shopping centre with lifts and escalators out of action too, before I managed to find one. Desperate. Then got the tram to IKEA. By this time I was very tired with walking around. Strangely, a horse and cart with two men whizzed past as I was crossing the rather busy road by the tram stop. IKEA became a bit of a nightmare. I purchased a sink plug for the kitchen, only to discover when I got it home that it was the wrong one, but fits the bathroom sink at least. Eventually after wandering around IKEA like a lost soul, despite the written directions, I managed to find the frame place. This was rather disappointing as all the frames were very heavy. I will need thirty or forty frames in various sizes. I did find some incredibly cheap ones with plastic rather than glass in front. Remembering my plastic double glazing in my last house, this was rather similar and really very good, so I purchased about four of these to experiment with. The frames are very light, so if I can use these, I will. I have just realised what a nightmare hanging an exhibition is going to be, getting the stuff there and clambering up ladders - the walls are very high. Still, if I can get things into frames and put the wires on the backs, it will be a good start.

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