Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Back to Normal

Met my pal David looking fit and tanned back from his holiday. Later I met Madeleine at the National Theatre where we saw the Last of the Haussmans, all about the demise of the hippy era and failed hopes etc etc. The acting was brilliant and we had been kindly invited to the after party, which was lucky as we could then eat, and sat among, if not with, the rich and famous. This was great fun and very kind of Madeleine to think of me. Fell into bed and slept like a pig. This morning there was quite a commotion outside. On examination it appears to be the squirrel mating season, with squirrels chasing each other through the trees next door, and Kooky bloodlusting after my usual squirrel on the fence. No wonder he is attacking me with all the wildlife outside which presumably he is too fat to catch. I am a sitting target in this house. I suppose that being attacked is at least a sign that he has noticed my presence. Mind you it does make me feel like some frail old bat on a sucker list. Oh well. Today is apparently the last decent day for a while. I am due to go to the opening of the NPG Portrait Competition. David may come but will let me know later. Like me, he does not want to lose the opportunity to sit in the sun for a bit, as it is the last chance for a while according to the forecasts. Julian thinks I should enter some kind of competition to exhibit with other artists in Brixton. I may do this though am a bit reluctant to do anything competitive. Did a tiny sketch of some Frenchwomen sitting next to me in the NT foyer, examining their mobile phones for maps.

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