Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Hola again!

Last night your intrepid reporter set off, despite a distinct lack of spondulicks and a feeling of ennui, arriving at Toulouse Lautrec at around 7.15pm. I purchased a Diet Coke and sketched in the stage quite roughly. Later I drew the punters as they arrived and the performer, a very attractive and excellent singer called Lauren. The place was quite full, and I settled in to complete my sketch. This took quite a time, determined as I was to have a bit of colour, not only because it livens things up, but also because the pens are very expensive to buy, and are used less when colour is added. Had a long chat with Lauren's friends and family, one of whom insisted on buying my sketch. I told him it was for the show, but that he could contact me to reserve it. Lauren's father liked the Gaywood Street sketch I did earlier, so it looks as though one or two of my sketches might actually sell. I managed to make the Diet Coke last all evening, despite pouring quite a bit onto my palette to use as water, which gave things a pleasantly browny tinge, so a very good and cheap evening for me.

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