Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Vistaprint have now printed and sent my cards twice. The first lot apparently were lost by Parcelforce. I had a huge palaver and was waiting for the second lot to be delivered today. To pass the time I retracked the consignment again online only to discover that no action had been taken further to my telephone call. I would have waited all day for a delivery which was never coming! I rang them today and eventually talked to someone called Solly, who says he is waiting to speak to the delivery driver to find out what has happened to my parcel as it is missing, and presumably the driver is not available to explain what he has done with it. Jesus! I am now having to wait for Solly to do all this and 'get back to me by end of business today'. They asked me what the parcel looked like and I replied that I had not actually seen it, so would not know, but it was likely to be smaller than a wrapped TV console but larger than a matchbox. Dear me! Ten minutes more and Ocado will be late, too! AND I have lost my wonderful mechanical pencil that Nibby made my buy. Will get another if the art shop have any. AND Romy texted me to say there were huge problems checking in the coachload at the second hotel, who seemed not to know they were coming. It really does make you sick. Rant over (pro tem) p.s. A very nice man rang to say he had found the sodding things which had fallen behind a cage thingy at the office. I shall (hopefully) receive them with a Gudrun delivery on 14th, so another day at home on Thursday. Ocado are running half an hour late (of course!).

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