Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Monday and Tuesday Morning

Dorothy went to Barcelona, I hope to rather better weather. It was cold and damp yesterday morning but I braved the elements to have a coffee in Mamuska where I bumped into David, who had been just leaving but insisted on buying me a latte. What a gent! I showed him my latest sketchy efforts and told him about my Thai Silk dinner and so on. He was going to lunch with a friend, so I looked at the soup on offer at Mamuska, but did not fancy it, so strolled on down to Toulouse Lautrec. I decided to draw downstairs and was somehow persuaded to spend a lot of money on lunch to justify my presence. In fact I had an excellent tender lamb dish with beans, followed by the crime of a pear and almond tarte with ice cream which I snapped as it looked so pretty. The drawing was not so pretty, as my excuse is that the place is hell to draw, with weird angles and nooks and crannies everywhere. Later I went back in the evening to the jam session and did a couple of scribbles of the punters and performers, ably assisted by a carafe of house red. Today I am feeling a little jaded.

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