Thursday, 28 June 2012

More Yesterday

Still don't know what happened to all my snaps on Flickr. Looked up Yahoo images and there are three of them: my snap of raspberry pud learned from Marco Pierre White in Hell's Kitchen, and two of my skull, apparently favourites of something called Uttertoad Comix. Oh well. Managed to get the rather rapid sketch I did outside Lye Torng looking towards Elephant, though the cropping is a bit crap. Forgot to mention that my baby fish is still very dark, but a bit bigger and becoming quite orange around the head so he is more easily seen. Today I may meet David. I have been told off by everyone for not selling my drawings when I had the chance. I could certainly do with the dosh. Oh well. Today I have to go to some awful assessment thing with Julian later this afternoon. I am still waiting to hear from Dorothy, whose birthday is on Monday. The brambles next door are enormous this year. I shall have to remove one which has crept in to my garden, but I shall be able to pick masses of blackberries which are just beginning to form. I feel a blackberry and apple crumble coming on. Talking of which, the Savoy afternoon tea is a killer: you start off with finger sandwiches, progress to two scones each with liberal cream, jam and lemon curd, then there are individual small cakes, and then a choice of a slice of house cake. You can order more of anything, too. There are too many teas to mention, and the pot is regularly replenished. You will not be able to eat dinner later. If I were very rich and
very thin, I should probably have tea there once a week. The feeling of space and comfort is so relaxing, apart from anything else. Thanks, Stella, for the very kind gift. I was thinking of you while enjoying this experience.

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