Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Busy, busy,busy

The other day I saw a smart old woman with rather cool green flat shoes. Staring at these I suddenly noticed that they had been cut in a small fringed slit over an area on one foot, presumably to accommodate a painful corn. This was hardly noticeable at a casual glance, and seemed a better solution than having to chose a really ugly pair of shoes. A few days later, I had injured my toe by removing a Compeed corn plaster which tore off the top of the corn. This was so painful that had worn canvas shoes for a day sketching at the Temple. When I arrived home in the evening the whole toe area was very swollen and red. All my shoes rubbed against it and made walking agony. I then remembered the woman I had seen, and made a cut in an old flat shoe just before and after the corn, then cut down a few times. This is brilliant and no more pain. I hope the damned corn will settle eventually. If the weather changes I can wear some flat sandals. Madeleine arrived on Sunday, and we did the horrendous trip to IKEA, which actually wasn't too bad using the satnav. Madeleine has a smart new car with plenty of boot space. We had a quite pleasant and very cheap lunch there, and I bought masses of frames. Unfortunately no black or white frames in A3 size, so I decided to buy red ones and use these for black and white drawings. I have framed masses of work, but still need a few more frames. All I have to do now with these is spend many hours fixing screws into them and wiring the backs. Something to do on a rainy day like today. I am waiting for Ocado to deliver this morning. I mainly buy only catfood these days and buy cheap local food otherwise. I am also waiting for Parcelforce. I had ordered some cards from Vistaprint which never arrived. Nearly a month later I am still waiting despite numerous calls to Vistaprint who said they were being delivered by ?DLS. However the number they gave me was some automated telephone from Parcelforce. I eventually managed to speak to their customer services who promised to ring me back but never did. I could not use their online redelivery option as it depended upon their having left a card, which they did not do. Finally I have seemingly arranged redelivery for today by phoning a machine. We shall see..... I do wish they would use UPS like Gudrun Sjoden. At least Gudrun email you to say which day things are coming and the UPS tracking system is reliable. Rant over (for the time being). Went to the jam session at Toulouse Lautrec last night. Drank too much wine too early and my work suffered in that I just did lots of rather desultory sketches. I may try and collage these together to make a larger work or work copies of the better drawings into something. We shall see. It was more fun in the pouring rain than watching soaps on TV. I also did a couple of drawings, lightly coloured, of some of my favourite cushions. May do a little series of these. Tried to upload a snap to get some free postcards from Vistaprint but the resolution on my snaps is not good enough. I may have to try and borrow Dorothy's new camera to take some for these.

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