Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Last Decent Day

Apparently,for a while it will be back to the rain unfortunately. My watch had stopped this morning, so I was half an hour late for my coffee with David. He was quite worried that something had happened to me, while blissfully unaware, I was looking at clothes and chatting with punters downstairs. Anyway we finally met and I told him about my brush with the stars last night. I showed him the mouldy little sketch I had done. He did not want to go to the NPG opening since it would be the last sunny day and he wanted to sit outside. I decided to lunch at Mamuska and did a little sketch of someone with a laptop. Later I went home and decided to stay in the garden instead of going to the opening, and did a sketch of the skyline in Princess Street. I am getting into adding washes, which is quite fun but I haven't yet quite got the colours right. We shall see. Julian came and encouraged me to apply for an exhibition, so I agreed to do so. I then vegged out and ate too much ice cream before collapsing into bed.

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