Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Quiet afternoon and evening

Went to Lye Torng and sketched a corner. I was thinking of going to Toulouse Lautrec but it started spitting with rain which put me off, so a quiet night watching telly.I did toy with the idea of going to sketch at a local pub, but it is a bit rough around here in the evenings. David says I am a snob. Today I sketched Gaywood Street from outside Lye Torng. I may go to Toulouse Lautrec, and will decide later. Saw a trustee from my previous employment. Seems my successor is a great hit with 'the ladies' so his presence on the holiday was greatly appreciated by the punters. David tells me there's a trip to somewhere in Kent ?Broadstairs soon, so I have encouraged him to go on this. Julian and I are due to have tea at the Savoy tomorrow, which will make a change from the mean streets of Southwark.

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