Sunday, 3 June 2012

Diamond Day

Well, a shower of raindrops anyway. All over me and the heavy wet footprints of Sir K awoke me this anniversary morning. Bloody freezing and pissing with rain, which is compulsory in England for the bank holiday weekend, and even more so for the Diamond jubilee. Shall hibernate after venturing out for a paper. Yesterday met David for coffee. He is looking forward to the Isle of Wight. He says that he gets depressed with bad weather as he likes to sit outside. It was so crap that later on I just did one drawing which I finished this morning. Managed to meet Dorothy briefly at Borough Market who kindly purchased a chocolate and banana gelato for me, delicious. Dorothy is off to Barcelona for a week today, so will miss all the jubilee hysteria. I don't know whether I mentioned my nod to the whole thing, which consisted of purchasing a small rug for £5.99 patterned as a union flag. I stuck this in my window and it looks crap. If the rain stops I shall park it outside in the hope that someone may pinch it, since I am not keen on union Jack merchandise. We shall see. Kook is full of food and lying, exhausted from the effort of eating it all, on my bed. Happy days.

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