Sunday, 10 June 2012

Up to Sunday

Dorothy went to Barcelona and is now back. Hopefully having had a good time. A quiet week for me: coffees in the morning with my nbf David, who regaled me with tales of how he used to go out with Tracey Emin who used to live around the corner. Seems she was always trying to persuade him to buy little artworks for about £20 but he refused as he thought they were rubbish. He is keen to buy one of my drawings but if he thinks £20 is too much for Tracey Emin I expect he will want to offer me about a fiver if I am lucky. We shall see. Dinner with Romy last night and her husband kindly offered to help with some of the legal forms Dorothy has to complete for probate on the estate of my deceased ex. It all turns out to be very complicated indeed, but we have made a good start. I definitely overconsumed on the food and drink last night and will have to starve for a week. Here's a drawing I did earlier at Temple, which is a bit crap, but there you go.

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