Thursday, 28 June 2012

Thor's Day

Coffee with David and lunch at Lye Torng. Sat outside and quickly sketched towards the Elephant for a while. Changed and had a very good tea at the Savoy with Julian. There was masses of food. Although I think the Savoy redecoration would definitely be seen as vulgar by most, the tea place was very nice and uncrowded, so a comfortable place for afternoon tea. I took some snaps but my phone is not transferring them to my computer so they are probably lost forever. I can't even find the photo symbol on my phone so it may somehow have disappeared. The real fun bit which Julian also snapped was watching a Chinese pastry chef making round cakes disguised as tennis balls. These were very effective. Back to sunny Southwark. Fed the beast and subsided for the evening. I do hope that snaps I take with the camera will transfer to the computer, or I shall be stuffed for trying to put images into my blog, Flickr, Facebook etc. We shall see.

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