Friday, 15 June 2012

Miserable Old Bat

Here's the stuff made by dipping strips of material in slightly diluted PVA and wrapping around furniture. You may remember I saw this colourful stuff at Barnes Fair last year and was very impressed. Since then Lulastic has blogged about the use of PVA, and I made a collage last year too. Must try and find it. Anyway I have been unimpressed by the vile weather, and driven to drawing desultorily in corners about the house. Rediscovered Dekker's Gull's Hornbook when looking for books to chuck out, and there are one or two of his books free for my ipad, so shall read these when I have finished Thackeray's Barry Lyndon. Noticed that Mamuska has baby chairs, and mums can be seen feeding their young. Today a mum was sharing her lunch: fishballs in creamy dill sauce and mashed potato, with her infant. I expect she ate the home made coleslaw which came with it. Not bad for a fiver. I had some of this with a diet coke, £6 altogether. I am fixing the screws in the backs of my frames which is a long, hard job. Nibby helpfully suggested I could use cord rather than picture wire which costs a lot when you have dozens of things to frame. Of course they are very light, so I don't need anything very strong.

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