Friday, 1 June 2012

More Drawing

Here's the sitting room and one which took ages of the bedroom. Nibby suggested I put a piece of paper under my drawing hand when drawing in pencil because the whole thing ends up looking like a smudgy mess, so I think I will mainly stick to pen. The trouble is I can't stop fiddling around so things get somewhat overdone, even though I then notice that things are at the wrong angle or whatever. Oh well,keep trying. David appeared at coffee yesterday. The place he lives in has changed the Jubilee party to Saturday as really bad weather is forecast for Sunday. It is now Saturday and doesn't look too perky outside, but is due to be a bit warmer than Sunday. Going to dinner at Thai Silk tonight and maybe a drink or three afterwards. Romy sent me some snaps from Spain where she is enjoying her stay. Dorothy due to go to Barcelona tomorrow. I shall make an attempt to hook up for coffee today, but Dorothy is likely to be very busy packing and so on, but I live in hopes. If the rain sets in, which seems likely, I shall have to concentrate on interiors. May try the kitchen or do the bedroom from another angle soon. Julian tells me that Okrochka, the Russian soup thing is really a salad with a drink thrown over the top. This will be my alternative to gazpacho. The Lye Torng is definitely closing at the end of July,and I have just been told that one of the hosts at my leaving party there apparently did not pay his bill, which is rather embarrassing. However I do not propose to offer to pay as my income is very severely depleted, particulary so since despite the Cats, Dogs and Peace of Mind people having verbally offered a refund of the money I paid them, have not so far done so despite an email reminder. This is a damned nuisance since I paid them £109, which represents a week's income these days and is very much needed. Oh well, rant over.

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