Sunday, 9 December 2012

Best Laid Plans......

After freezing myself enough at Hyde Park, I set to and finished Christophe's birthday cake (above) and got ready some whizzy thing to go on top. Tidied the living room and changed. I then played around with my own winter wonderland - below, with lights off, and was ready to receive.
Although we were booked for 8.30, Christophe had mailed that they would arrive around 7.30 to be sure of our table. I waited. And waited. Then realised at around 8 that I would not have time for the whole birthday thing so put my winter wonderland lights off and by the time they arrived at 8.15 we had to dash straight off to Toulouse Lautrec. The band was good, and plenty of food was eaten. They ended up dancing later, and I did not get back until 1.30am. Too late for coming in to my place as Christophe was golfing in the morning, so I binned the cake (but not before tasting a slice which was very good) and went to bed.
Fortunately I did not drink much, and shall continue improving my spare room today. Spoke to Nibby, who had the horrible experience of a lost grandchild, fortunately found wandering by the police, before a happy family party.

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