Friday, 14 December 2012

Totally Fab Recipe ?yule log

Got this called Mrs. Langan's chocolate pudding out of The Times. Made it this morning. It was pretty easy. I put the oven on to 180, then used a baking tray covered in baking parchment raised at the edges, stuck down with a bit of butter underneath. Then separated six eggs. Beat the yolks up very well and added 80g caster sugar and beat until pale. Then beat in 50g cocoa powder and put aside. I then cleaned the beaters and beat the whites until very stiff. Folded a bit of whites into the choc mixture then gradually the rest all folded gently. Pour into the baking tray and spread if necessary and bake for exactly 15 minutes. After this, take it out and let it cool on one side. I then mixed plain and milk choc bars 150g ( I bought 35p tesco bars not cooking chocolate, perfectly adequate but you could use expensive bars)
mostly plain, and a tablespoon of butter and melted in a small pan over boiling water not stirring. Also whipped 250g whipping cream until stiff. I then sprinkled the cold cake with icing sugar before covering in tinfoil. Then placing another baking tray on top turn the whole thing upside down, remove the tray and carefully removed the parchment. I then spread the choc mixture all over the cake. When cold, put the whipped cream over, then gently fold as for a swiss roll (it will crack in half but who cares) sprinkle more icing sugar on and serve either as pudding or cake. So gorgeous I had far too much so gave to the upstairs neighbours. Really quite easy to make and would be a good Christmas yule log thingy. Above is the half I kept: it may not look much since mine split exactly in half, but it tastes fabulous, I promise! p.s. I would not add water to the chocolate when melting it - maybe a bit more butter and a bit of double cream to keep it a bit soft as it hardens up a bit too much after being in the fridge.

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