Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Day After

Last night Dorothy arrived clasping a Liberty bag with some Poison (one of my favourites), a very pretty woodcut card and some amazing coloured pencils which turned out to be French mechanical pencils. A neighbour told of a delivery she had received for me as we were about to leave. Seems that my sister in Newton Abbot had sent a huge bouquet of flowers, so I have been thoroughly spoilt. Masses of greetings on Facebook and an email from Ivana near Bristol - good to hear from her. I spent yesterday afternoon sketching at the Landmark Hotel which was quite expensive: £4.25 for a diet coke. Dear me. Becky and Steve were there so I drew the interior with a couple of punters at the next table. Fairly short sketch. In the evening, off to Toulouse Lautrec for yet another gastronomic feast before staggering upstairs to the jam session, which for once was a bit quiet. Might have been due to the fact that it was absolutely freezing outside. Bumped into the lodger on arriving home, who paid me for five days, announcing that she would leave this Friday or Saturday, which of course means I can then get into the room and kind of redesign it a bit. I shall definitely remove the trunk and replace it with a chest of drawers. In future I shall either have casual guests for a minimum of two nights (max 7) from Air b'n'b or get a more permanent arrangement using Monday to Friday. Depends how my spring cleaning works out. I would rather not have anyone, but needs must.

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