Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Birthday Continues!

Romy appeared today clutching a card and a wonderful black lace and beaded collar for evening wear, AND a wonderful cachepot from a certain place in Berkshire, AND some Lady Gaga scent which was absolutely fab. Dear me, everyone is so kind. I must try and make sure I have another birthday next year. Meanwhile I posted in the SE1 forum to try and find people's local pubs or cafes and now have a list as long as my arm for future sketching. This will be fun, since pubs are closing so fast. I am rather sad that The Beaten Path in Walworth Road closed before I had the chance to draw it. The bar furniture was splendid there and the pub quite suddenly disappeared along with the larger pub over the road. Dreadful. I shall try and document as many as possible before they all go.

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