Thursday, 6 December 2012

kitscher and kitscher

Today Julian helped me get some old Christmas decorations down from a high cupboard, so I was able to take my excess further. I had quite forgotten the five sets of tiny lights I had bought at M & S last year. I may buy more from the £1 shop too. Here's a close-up:
I forced myself to go to B & Q and purchased a 3ft black tree for £8 which I have decorated excessively and will do a snap when I can manage not to blur it. I also managed to purchase a small shower head, which looks a bit less stylish than the old one, but wasn't too expensive and I prefer it. Had a jacket potato with ham and cheese in a great little cafe called Roberto's Cafe in the Old Kent Road near the Thomas a Becket. Very clean and fantastic value. Did a bad sketch which I may or may not reveal at some stage. Did a bit of printing, and apparently Tom from the prince of Wales is in tomorrow morning so I may take my drawing over. I must tidy up a bit more and I am getting very anxious to have the door fixed. I do wish I knew someone who could do it as my friend Kate is not well enough. Oh well. Nibby has suggested that when it is fixed I can put a coat hook on the inside, and above, a rail for all my specs to hang so I don't sit on them again. Good idea. She is so organised. So funny, she has done terribly tasteful and gorgeous decorations compared with my kitschfest. Soon I will be too embarrassed to let anyone in the room. Not that anyone wants to go in there. Hmmm...

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