Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Christmas Wrapping and Drawing

Wrapped a few presents and then discovered that Samsung have a customer service centre. Apparently they will take the TV away and mend it at their own expense if it has a fault caused by them. If it is something else they will quote me for a repair which I don't have to get done if I don't want to. The main trouble is that I don't know when they will come and then it takes seven to ten days to repair the thing so I shall be without it anyway until after Christmas. Forced myself out to the jam session last night which turned out to be excellent and it was Gabor's birthday so I had a small piece of cake and did a couple of sketches. Today I braved H & M in a vain search for the jumper which they failed to deliver, and of course there were none in my size. Curses. Tonight I am due at college to see Fab and the others.
I received a text from my son's aunt last night to invite us over on Christmas Day. Apart from the fact that we had already booked at Indigo, the lack of public transport on the day would rather preclude a journey to Tunbridge Wells. A kind thought though, and I said we would be happy to go next year which would give me time to organise some transport maybe.

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