Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Slightly Knackered and Geffrye Museum

I did not make it to the curry last night. I was quite surprised to see that my old college appeared to have doubled in size and the infrastructure was much improved. The work was young and lively as were the students - rather a change from the dourly worthy place of my days. Compared with the Bloomberg New Contemporaries at the ICA the other day, I was quite impressed with the general quality,variety and enthusiasm apparent in the work done by the students at the levels shown, both undergraduate and MA, which has restored my faith in art just a little. Seems that they have many new tutors too, which has probably helped quite a lot. Oh well. Walking around rather knackered me, despite Fabiola's kind attempts to ply me with food and drink, so I left and was home again at around 9pm. This morning I set off for the Geffrye Museum and wandered about enjoying their Christmas displays and shopping for a while. My most interesting purchase was a small white goose feather tree for a fiver. I shall pop this into the spare room. We had a very good lunch at Bacchus in Hoxton Street, and Evon popped in with one of her hounds. Fortunately not the large and rowdy beagle. She and I wandered along for a bit then caught a bus to Liverpool Street where we had a coffee and chatted. She had some excellent news on her planning application over the phone so she was a very happy bunny when we parted - looking forward to becoming a property tycoon and the prospect of spending several months a year in France. Invitations to stay in France were extended! We plan to meet up again around Christmas. Also had a call yesterday from a long lost friend, catching up on happenings over the last 20 years or so, which made for a long conversation with the prospect of several more of these. I hope we will meet again at some time soon. An email arrived from One Aldwych to inform me that I had won a mini-makeover for two including a mini-manicure and a mini-pedicure in their Facebook competition. I wonder if that means one hand and one foot each ? can't wait to find out.

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