Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Dirty Stopout - Again

Boring day apart from my soldier sculpture, so set off to Brasserie Toulouse Lautrec for the jam session. Did a few sketches and sloped off back home. Text from Kate who is going to hang my door, hopefully on Friday. Hooray, privacy at last! Still waiting for a parcel which should have arrived a week ago. Royal Mail of course. Hopeless. Bumped into a former punter in Tesco who told me about the great time he had at Polhill yesterday. Apparently two coaches went and the lunch was excellent. I think Polhill was one of Romy's best ideas, though when she first suggested taking people there I could not see the point of a garden centre, since most don't have gardens. I had reckoned without the enthusiasm for the food there, particularly the meat, which is better and cheaper than here apparently, and the Christmas decorations, with an excellent festive lunch. Anyway here are the quick sketches done last night:
I began to get a bit of RSI so abandoned the last one.

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