Wednesday, 19 August 2009

19 August - Wednesday

Back at work after quick visit to quack. Seems I am a total hypochondriac and I am not diabetic, my liver is OK too, and my BP totally normal. However my cholesterol is high at over 5, which doesn't sound that bad to me but he was about to force medication on me until I swore to forego most saturated fat and to take some Benecol stuff every day.

Romy has again taken her work mobile abroad and punters have rung her there. She rang me at the office. I do wish she would leave the bloody thing in the office. I suppose I could carry it about while she is on leave, or have a message telling people to ring the office. Oh well.

Fake flowers have arrived today. These may be useful as stand-in models for real ones. We shall see. May go up to Borough Market and take some snaps of a flower stall which could make some useful paintings. May even buy a pot plant or two.

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