Sunday, 16 August 2009

Picky Kooky and Fleurs du Mal

Kooky is very picky about his food today. He refused to touch Sainsbury's beef terrine, and is not all that keen on the chicken terrine, but I am leaving it there. Julian playing with him last night. We are going to buy him a think like a small pushchair to take him to the vets which means I can take him easily as I can push it. We are also getting a dog flap which will cost a fortune, around £70, then another £100 or so for the hole cutting and fitting, since the door is at least two inches thick and we will have to ask the locksmith to do it. Julian has also found an excellent sisal scratching mat which he may use - he has already ruined most of the carpets in the house. He is outside this morning eyeing the fishes, I suspect their days are numbered.

Have been having a vile time trying to do flowers. I probably made it worse for myself by copying from a macro photograph which really doesn't work. I shall have to find a bunch of actual flowers. These look rather evil and a bit of a mess.

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