Thursday, 13 August 2009

Another Kooky Alarm and Lovely Dinner Party

I made the mistake of letting Kooky out for a short while before I went out last night. Julian arrived to play with him, and I let him out. Within seconds a black and white cat appeared on the fence, and Kooky somehow leapt over the fence in pursuit. Kooky spent some time in the garden next door birdwatching. We decided he probably couldn't get back again so Julian, after discovering the neighbours were out, took the ladder outside and called him. Meanwhile I was trying to get ready to go out. Finally, another neighbour's husband climbed over the fence and brought him home. Julian fed him while I left for dinner. He woke me up at 5.15 this morning. He is not going out again in a hurry.

Very enjoyable dinner party near Crystal Palace. The house has panoramic views all over south London. We had champagne and canapes in the lovely garden, full of fruit trees and with sculptures. I was quite envious of the decorative pergolas covered in roses. Saw my old colleague again which was lovely, and met some new people as well as my former fellow art student, Elizabeth and her husband. Elizabeth is recently quite transformed - her trademark bright red hair totally gone and now a lovely pale blonde. She is also wearing it up, which suits her, and is very slim and attractive, annoyingly, since she kept telling me how much weight I had gained since leaving college. Talking of which, the food was super, particularly the pommes Dauphinoise served with ham and carrots. There was a most delicious summer pudding made from all the fruits in the garden. My diet ruined. I was very lucky coming back as two of the guests were coming past the end of my road, so had an unexpected lift home. Bed around midnight.

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